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The main difference between a standard mortgages and a mortgage for a professional sports person is how lenders approach the shorter term nature of your occupation.

One of the main issues when securing finance for sports professionals is that income is often obtained from multiple sources including the fixed term contract, image rights, sponsorship and advertising. 

A lot of lenders will not lend to clients with fixed term contracts. The other issue is the shorter term nature of professional sports, with lenders often not allowing the mortgage term beyond the age of 35. This can result in the lender declining to lend on the basis that the term of the mortgage must finish by the age of 35, this often makes the mortgage unaffordable with the loan term starting and finishing in such a short period of time.

We work with private banks, mainstream banks, smaller building societies. So we have access to every lender who will consider mortgages for sports professionals. We can offer a vast range of mortgage options to various sports persons, such as Football, Rugby, Golf, Boxing and various other sports professionals.

We are able to secure favourable terms including, lending beyond the stated contract end date and beyond age 35. We can secure various repayment options including interest only.

Using Simply Mortgages will ensure you complete privacy and discretion, we adhere to the strict data protection rules governing personal information. We will use the information you provide us to secure you the mortgage required correctly, first time.

We will save you time and energy allowing you to focus on what you do best.

One of the key factors for Simply Mortgages to secure you mortgage needed is the remaining term left on your contract. Some banks and lenders require a minimum 12 month history in your profession. Other lenders require a minimum of 12 months remaining on the contract. 

Simply Mortgages is uniquely placed to understand the complexities of contracts and other associated income streams. As a whole of market independent broker, we have access to the lenders needed and using our experience securing mortgages for professional sports people we will find the solution in the vast majority of situations.

Compared to standard residential mortgages, the term of your mortgage is the key factor when working out what is possible to borrow. Lending beyond the age of 35 is important to ensure the repayments are reasonable.

We will work with you to establish what your intentions are beyond your professional career, whether that be moving into coaching and management, or whether you intend to diversify completely into investments.

We work with banks to underwrite these cases individually and based on the unique merits each case presents. 

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