Simply Mortgages

High Net Worth Mortgages for Clients borrowing over £500,000


Simply Mortgages are an award winning mortgage brokerage, we are highly experienced working with individuals and businesses to secure loans in excess of £500,000 on residential and commercial property.

The financial conduct authority defines a client with an annual net income of no less than £300,000 or net assets of no less than £3,000,000.

Simply Mortgages secures bespoke mortgage terms for our clients. We define high net worth mortgages as starting £500,000 with no upward limit.

Simply Mortgages has excellent relationships with private finance providers through out the England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

We can secure funding in the name of an individual, a corporate company, SIPP pension scheme or via a trust.

We fully understand the complex intricacies surrounding arranging large loans and with our experience, we can ensure that the lender fully understands our clients personal situation that the process is as seamless as possible.

The lending terms on high net worth mortgages are tailored to each client. The rate of interest and the lenders fees are influenced by an applicants income and deposit available. 

The private finance banks we work with do not always offer standard mortgage rates and sometimes can underwrite the mortgage taking into account the applicants individual circumstances and with the correct approach we can secure mortgage terms that are otherwise not available.

We understand our private clients needs and can fully understand the requirements for total privacy. Lending can also be arranged on an interest only basis with the lending amount to be repaid via various sources including investments, pensions, corporate income or from the sale of a property.

Simply Mortgages are a relationship focused high net worth mortgage broker. We work hard on the relationships we hold with the lenders we work with. 

We will use our influence to ensure we open the right doors so that you will have an ongoing relationship with the provider. 

We offer complete discretion. Simply Mortgages operates in a highly regulated industry, we always ensure that we adopt the highest standard of data privacy. Whether you prefer to conduct meetings face to face or via the phone, video call and email, the choice is yours.

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Find out more about how we can help you with your high net worth mortgage requirements by calling us on 01772 217917. Alternatively send us an email, we guarantee to respond to all enquiries the same day.